Kiinteistötarina is a Tampere based real estate agency delivering a highly competitive and uncompromising approach to sales. No-nonsense code of conduct and commitment for every listing. With client’s goals in mind and their best interest at heart, we make dreams come true.

Ulla PalonenWhether you’re searching for an apartment or house for rent, buy or sell in Tampere region, we’ll help you explore a range of quality, best-match options and find the perfect home for you. We’re happy to meet with you in person. We’ll discuss your specific needs and preferences, then use our market knowledge to quickly narrow your search and provide you with a portfolio of options.

When selling your apartment or house Kiinteistötarina’s fee is 2,9 % (inc. VAT) of the actual selling price. When renting your apartment or house Kiinteistötarina’s fee is one month’s rent x 1,24 (1 month’s rent + 24 %).  Our fee is tax-deductible in rent income taxation.

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